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Drunken Animals: Fermented Fruit Fiends to Beer Bears

DISCLAIMER: This article does not condone the use alcohol with respect to children or animals of any age. This article also does not condone or encourage the consumption of rotten or fermenting fruit in an attempt to achieve a drunken state. Please exercise your best judgment when partaking in any activities involving alcoholic substances. And now onto the hilarious drunken animals! 

Marula Drunkfest

Africa is home to many majestic and fabled animals. These creatures garner much respect in the animal kingdom but like their human counterparts, they can sometimes be seen stumbling, drooling and dancing to a non-existent beat. Hippos, rhinos, monkeys, elephants, wild boars, marmots, giraffes, ostriches, wildebeests, pelicans, and gazelles all partake in a yearly drunken ritual that surrounds the marula tree. When the marula tree is in season and the marula fruits begin to become over-rip, they fall to the ground making the fruit readily available to every animal. The only problem is that under the hot African sun the marula fruit begins to spoil very rapidly. Animals consume this fruit and before long the marulas start fermenting in the animal's stomach. This fermentation causes the animals to become incredibly intoxicated. 

It's not uncommon to see these animals walking sideways, falling face first into the ground or becoming sexually aroused.


Cats are also known for intentionally seeking out mind-altering substances. Cat nip or Nepeta is an herb that is native to Europe and North America. About 80% of cats have a strong chemical reaction to the herb and exhibit strange behavior when in its presence. 



Most bears don't intentionally try to get smashed but this one managed to quite by accident. A local news outlet followed the intoxicated bear as it stumbled throughout town. 




Here is another case of accidently intoxication. This raccoon stuck in to some fermenting berries and got more than he bargained for. 


Fermenting pumpkins were the culprit in this drunken episode. What's amazing is the amount of times he managed to catch his tail during his spinning dance.  



These Vervet monkeys are hereditary alcoholics. These monkeys inhabit the Caribbean and over generations the Vervet monkeys have developed a taste for alcoholic drinks. These monkeys were brought over during the rum trade a long with slaves. Escaped monkeys would chow down on fermented sugarcane. Now these monkeys get their drink on at the expense of tourists and locals. They raid open air bars and steal drinks from unsuspecting clients.  

Note: Despite the expression, we could find no instances of skunks being drunk.