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2 Minutes With Bastien Salabanzi - A 33MAG Exclusive Interview

Visiting Montreal for the first time last July at the Jackalope festival, I had the chance to meet one of my favorite skateboarders: Bastien Salabanzi! I knew how talented he was, because like everyone else, I have seen his video parts in movies like Sorry. Really Sorry, They do not give a fuck about us, etc, but seriously, this is the real Bastien! Turns out he’s also an excellent guitarist, inspired by Stevie Ray Vaughan among others.

With a 3-year contract in place with Street League and several power moves in the works, Bastien is preparing for his comeback onto the international scene! Here's what he had to tell us:

33MAG: Hi Bastien, you've recently talked about a project with The Berrics, it is still in the plans?

Bastien: Yes of course. I leave in 15 days for the Berrics. I can not wait!


What are your current sponsors?

Rockstar Energy Drink, Type-S Wheels

Souljah Grip Sole Skate Footprint, Theeve Trucks


When do you plan to return to living and filming in California, and why?

I anticipate my return to Cali for early 2013.

I have to finish what I've left in limbo for a number of years.


Who are your inspirations in skateboarding today?

Kareem Campbell, Lavar McBride, Stevie Williams, Marc Johnson, Mike Carroll, Many i guess. Oh and my kids of course. Inspiration number ONE!


There's a lot of speculation on your next board partner, what are the companies that have approached you?

Level sponsors boards but nothing concrete for now ...


What has happened since the final Street League? Have you been skating a lot?

Since the last Street League, I mostly did a lot of music.


I saw on your FB page that you also had recently left your band. Do you already have new projects? Have you taken the time to play with the guitar you bought in Montreal?

Yes I stop jamming with my favorite hip hop group to concentrate on my Quartet ... Coming soon!


Thanks or last words?


My kids, Johanne,Maman, Augustin, Damien Caro and Boris, Raf,Micha,

Audrey, Le Van Pierre Quartet, Ross,Jules, Charles-Elly.¨Also i wish to thank

Pavel, Doc, Pat, Steve, Nikwen, Momo, Cyril, Toto, Diego, Alex, The Iraola brothers and all my teammates.