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Behind the Scenes of the Pro Photographer Showdown with Scott Serfas PLUS FULL SHOW INSIDE!

Despite all the rapid development and heartache associated with photography's switch from analog to digital, the feeling you get watching a well thought-out slideshow has never gone away. The Pro Photographer Showdown, part of the World Ski & Snowboard Festival in Whistler, BC each April is a celebration of just that, every year bringing five of the top action shooters in the world in to battle for the title and large cash prize.

This past year, Vancouver-based Scott Serfas, a big-time player in the snowboard photography scene, as well as a Transworld Snowboarding Magazine staff photographer, threw his name into the hat and put together an incredible slideshow. In this short video, we go behind the thought-process that goes into a show like this from one of the most impressive guys in the game. 

This is a great little piece and I have to say thanks to Scott and whoever else had a hand in it for sharing. 

As a side note: notice Scott's wall of covers above his desk. Impressive to say the least.

Added extreme-super-amazing-kinda-incredible bonus? Here's the full show including some of the best snowboard, surf and skate images ever shot: